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3D Printer 300x300x330mm Print Size for PLA ABS TPU 115V-240V Free Shipping EP

$43.99 $ 30.79
Pyramid 300*300*400mm
Corexy ELF 300*300*330mm
3Packs White1kg(2.2lb)/330m
3Packs Green 1kg(2.2lb)/330m
3Packs Blue 1kg(2.2lb)/330m
3Packs Orange 1kg(2.2lb)/330m
3Packs Red 1kg(2.2lb)/330m
3Packs Black 1kg(2.2lb)/330m
3Packs Gray 1kg(2.2lb)/330m
3Packs Purple 1kg(2.2lb)/330m
3Packs Brown 1kg(2.2lb)/330m
3Packs Yellow 1kg(2.2lb)/330m
3Packs Gold 1kg(2.2lb)/330m
3Packs Silver 1kg(2.2lb)/330m
3Packs Skin 1kg(2.2lb)/330m
3Packs Fluo Red 1kg(2.2lb)/330...
3Packs Pink 1kg(2.2lb)/330m
3Packs Dark Blue 1kg(2.2lb)/33...
3Packs Ivory Tint 1kg(2.2lb)/3...
3Packs Lazurite 1kg(2.2lb)/330...
3Packs Wood 1kg(2.2lb)/330m
3Packs Sky Blue 1kg(2.2lb)/330...
3Packs Transparent 1kg(2.2lb)/...
3Packs Fluo Yellow 1kg(2.2lb)/...
3Packs Glow In Dark Green 1kg(...
3Packs Purple(Translucent) 1kg...
3Packs Red(Translucent) 1kg(2....
3Packs Fluo Rose Red 1kg(2.2lb...
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Additional Information
Brand eforshop
Filament PLA,PETG,ABS,TPU,etc
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Input 110-240V
MPN W002-E002-Set
Manufacturer Part Number W002-E002-Set
Molding Tech FDM(Fused Deposition Molding)
Nozzle Diameter Stand 0.4mm
Nozzle Flow Rate 100mm/s
Nozzle Temp 260¡æ
Nozzle Temperature 260 degrees
Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7/10, MAC, Linux
Output 24V15A
Positioning Accuracy 0.012mm
Slice Software Cura, Repetier-Host, Simplify 3D
Type 3D Printer
Warranty Terms 6 Months